Enterprise Single Sign-On

  • Java (Spring Webflow/Spring Boot) server component
  • Pluggable authentication support (LDAP, Database, X.509, MFA)
  • Support for multiple protocols (CAS, SAML, OAuth, OpenID, OIDC)
  • Cross-platform client support (Java, .Net, PHP, Perl, Apache, etc)
  • Integrates with uPortal, Liferay, BlueSocket, Moodle, Google Apps, etc

CAS provides a friendly open source community that actively supports and contributes to the project. While the project is rooted in higher-ed open source, it has grown to an international audience spanning Fortune 500 companies and small special-purpose installations.

Getting Started

We recommend reading the following documentation in order to plan and execute a CAS deployment.


The CAS web application is available for demo at https://jasigcas.herokuapp.com/cas


CAS development is powered by: