Amazon Cloud Directory Authentication

Amazon Cloud Directory is a highly available multi-tenant directory-based store in AWS. These directories scale automatically to hundreds of millions of objects as needed for applications. This lets operation’s staff focus on developing and deploying applications that drive the business, not managing directory infrastructure.

To learn more, please see this guide.


Support is enabled by including the following dependency in the WAR overlay:


To see the relevant list of CAS properties, please review this guide.

AWS credentials are fetched from the following sources automatically, where relevant and made possible via CAS configuration:

  1. EC2 instance metadata linked to the IAM role.
  2. External properties file that contains accessKey and secretKey as property keys.
  3. AWS profile path and profile name.
  4. System properties that include aws.accessKeyId, aws.secretKey and aws.sessionToken
  5. Environment variables that include AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_KEY and AWS_SESSION_TOKEN.
  6. Properties file on the classpath as that contains accessKey and secretKey as property keys.
  7. Static credentials for access key and secret provided directly by the configuration at hand (logging, etc).


To enable additional logging, configure the log4j configuration file to add the following levels:

```xml …