CAS Command-line Shell

The CAS command-line shell provides the ability to query the CAS server for help on available settings/modules and various other utility functions. The shell engine is presented as both a CLI utility and an interactive shell.

To invoke and work with the utility, simply execute:

java -jar /path/to/cas-server-support-shell-$casVersion.jar

…where $casVersion needless to say is the CAS version that is deployed.

The interface that is next presented will guide you through with available parameters and methods of querying. You will learn how to launch into the interactive shell and query the CAS engine dynamically.

JCE Requirement

Make sure you have the proper JCE bundle installed in your Java environment that is used by CAS, specially if you need to use specific signing/encryption algorithms and methods. Be sure to pick the right version of the JCE for your Java version. Java versions can be detected via the java -version command.

Note that the WAR Overlay deployment strategy should already be equipped with this functionality. You should not have to do anything special and extra to interact with the shell. See the relevant overlay documentation for more info on how to invoke and work with the shell.