Docker Installation

Upon every release of the CAS software, docker images are tagged and pushed to the Apereo CAS repository on Docker Hub. Images can be pulled down via the following command:

docker pull apereo/cas:v[A.B.C]

…where [A.B.C] represents the image tag that is mapped to the CAS server version.


A dockerized CAS deployment simply is an existing CAS overlay project that is wrapped by Docker. The overlay project already includes an embedded container to handle the deployment of CAS. The overlay project also includes an embedded build tool so that builds and deployments of CAS would not require a separate step to download and configure choices.

The docker build is simply instructed to clone the CAS overlay project, use the embedded Maven instance to package and build it and finally uses the embedded container to deploy the final CAS web application. Once CAS is running, it will be available under ports 8080 and 8443.


See the following guide.

The docker images that are hosted on Docker Hub are mostly meant to be used as quickstarters and demos. You may also be able to use them as base images to add your customizations into the image. The image is built out of an existing CAS overlay. So your approach could simply be to point your Dockerfile to your overlay and build your own specific images based on the instructions listed here.