Simple Multifactor Authentication

Allow CAS to act as a multifactor authentication provider on its own, issuing tokens and sending them to end-users via pre-defined communication channels such as email or text messages. Tokens issued by CAS are tracked using the ticket registry and are assigned a configurable expiration policy controlled via CAS settings.


Support is enabled by including the following module in the overlay:


To see the relevant list of CAS properties, please review this guide.


Registration is expected to have occurred as an out-of-band process. Ultimately, CAS expects to fetch the necessary attributes from configured attribute sources to determine communications channels for email and/or sms. The adopter is expected to have populated user records with enough information to indicate a phone number and/or email address where CAS could then be configured to fetch and examine those attributes to share generated tokens.

Communication Strategy

Users may be notified of CAS-issued tokens via text messages and/or email. The authenticated CAS principal is expected to carry enough attributes, configurable via CAS settings, in order for CAS to properly send text messages and/or email to the end-user.

To learn more about available options, please see this guide or this guide.