LDAP Service Registry

Service registry implementation which stores the services in a LDAP Directory and attempts to map service records to LDAP entries in order to configure settings for retrieval, search and persistence of service definitions. By default, entries are assigned the objectclass that is casRegisteredService attribute and are looked up by the uid attribute.

Support is enabled by adding the following module into the overlay:



The default mapper has support for the following optional items:

Field Default Value
objectClass casRegisteredService
serviceDefinitionAttribute description
idAttribute uid

Service definitions are by default stored inside the serviceDefinitionAttribute attribute as JSON objects. The format and syntax of the JSON is identical to that of JSON Service Registry. That’s all, as far as the schema goes.

To see the relevant list of CAS properties, please review this guide.

Auto Initialization

Upon startup and configuration permitting, the registry is able to auto initialize itself from default JSON service definitions available to CAS. See this guide for more info.