Service Management

The CAS service management facility allows CAS server administrators to declare and configure which services (CAS clients) may make use of CAS in which ways. The core component of the service management facility is the service registry that stores one or more registered services containing metadata that drives a number of CAS behaviors:

  • Authorized services - Control which services may participate in a CAS SSO session.
  • Forced authentication - Provides administrative control for forced authentication.
  • Attribute release - Provide user details to services for authorization and personalization.
  • Proxy control - Further restrict authorized services by granting/denying proxy authentication capability.
  • Theme control - Define alternate CAS themes to be used for particular services.

The following settings and properties are available from the CAS configuration catalog:

The configuration settings listed below are tagged as Required in the CAS configuration metadata. This flag indicates that the presence of the setting may be needed to activate or affect the behavior of the CAS feature and generally should be reviewed, possibly owned and adjusted. If the setting is assigned a default value, you do not need to strictly put the setting in your copy of the configuration, but should review it nonetheless to make sure it matches your deployment expectations.

The configuration settings listed below are tagged as Optional in the CAS configuration metadata. This flag indicates that the presence of the setting is not immediately necessary in the end-user CAS configuration, because a default value is assigned or the activation of the feature is not conditionally controlled by the setting value.

  • cas.service-registry.core.init-from-json=false
  • Flag that indicates whether to initialise active service registry implementation with a default set of service definitions included with CAS by default in JSON format. The initialization generally tends to find JSON service definitions from

  • Determine how services are internally managed, queried, cached and reloaded by CAS. Accepted values are the following:

    • DEFAULT: Keep all services inside a concurrent map.
    • DOMAIN: Group registered services by their domain having been explicitly defined.
    Available values are as follows:
    • DOMAIN: Group service definitions by their domain.
    • DEFAULT: Default option to keep definitions in a map as they arrive.