Formed in 2012, the Apereo Foundation is a vibrant and value-driven organization. Apereo has a noteworthy history celebrating two strong organizations, the Sakai Foundation and Jasig. Apereo is a community built around openness, inclusivity, collaboration and innovation. The mission of Apereo is to help educational organizations “collaborate to foster, develop, and sustain open technologies and innovation to support learning, teaching, and research.”

Apereo is 100% open.

About Blog

This is a blog managed and edited by the Apereo project participants and community members. It is typically used to post project updates, announce news, etc.


This blog is BY NO MEANS an official voice of the Apereo Foundation. All official statements on behalf of the Apereo Foundation are made by the Chair, ED, or other authorized individuals. All opinions, views, notes, anecdotes, stories and comments expressed via this blog solely, purely and exclusively belong to individual authors and do not express or reflect the official policy, position, views or opinions of the Apereo Foundation itself.