Enterprise Single Sign-On for All


CAS is open source software supported primarily by an open and friendly community. Our premier support channel is community discussion mediated primarily via Mailing Lists.

Paid/Commercial Support

A number of consulting firms offer paid support for CAS.

Free Support

Please take the following steps to obtain support from the CAS user community.

Community Etiquette

Remember that activity on the mailing lists and all other support channels is entirely voluntary. There are no SLAs. There are no guarantees. You may opt into professional support agreements with Apereo commercial service providers if that is unacceptable.

Chat Rooms

The CAS community chat room is provided by Gitter. Apereo also has an official Slack chat workspace where you may find a #cas channel. The sign-up page is available here.

Mailing Lists

The CAS community discussion mailing list is a moderate traffic list where questions are typically answered on the order of minutes and typically resolved within a couple days. CAS developers monitor the list and frequently participate in discussion. See the Mailing Lists page for subscription and etiquette.


The Apereo Foundation (formerly Jasig) offers a number of conferences that provide presentations and training on a number of software products, including CAS, that are relevant to Higher Education. Conferences are an excellent venue for strengthening ties to the larger CAS community and related open source software ecosystem.