Mailing Lists

The CAS project has a number of topical mailing lists (now under the domain) that are available to obtain support or participate in CAS development.

It’s important to note that, while CAS has an international audience, discussion takes place in English. The community is very understanding of non-native English speakers and generally exercises patience and persistence in those circumstances. Please post in English.

CAS Community List (

Focus: support, troubleshooting, general questions.

Post to this list if you have a question about installing, configuring, or troubleshooting CAS.

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List Etiquette

If your question does not contain enough data and is described in vague terms, it will likely be ignored. Please try to be as precise as possible.

Data, Data, Data

Always ensure you have enough diagnostics data in your report:

  • Have you reported the exact CAS version numbers that exhibit the seemingly-faulty behavior?
  • Have you described your deployment/development environment in enough detail?
  • Have you included error logs, debug logs, screenshots and other useful snippets of your configuration to demonstrate the issue?
  • Have you included steps to explain how one might duplicate the problem?
  • Have you prepared unit tests to recreate the issue?
  • Have you prepared an overlay project that might allow the project to duplicate the issue?

Please remember:

“It doesn’t work” doesn’t work. Share as much information as possible.

Put another way; readers of your case aren’t necessarily housed in your head! They don’t know what you know. Help them out. Would you want to respond to your own report?

Be Patient

Once you have posted to a mailing list, please be patient and allow members to read your post and respond. Messages submitted in quick succession or to multiple mailing lists at the same time will eventually be considered spam by the mail server and the sender will be blocked. Remember that all activity on the mailing list is entirely voluntary. There are no SLAs. If you find the mailing list responses are not quick enough, you may seek other options for support.

If you find that your messages are not reaching the mailing list in due time, please contact the project members and/or Apereo to resolve the issue.

Get Curious

Research the issue and be sure to do your due diligence:

  • Have you scanned the web archives for similar cases?
  • Have you looked at the project’s documentation to find better explanations?
  • Have you reviewed the project’s mailing lists, chatrooms and other facilities to find possible solutions?
  • Have you considered upgrading to the latest maintenance release to see if the problem has been fixed?
  • Have you looked at DEBUG logs to see if the software can offer an explanation?



If you have already identified an enhancement or a bug, it is STRONGLY recommended that you simply submit a pull request to address the case. There is no need for special ceremony to create separate issues. The pull request IS the issue and it will be tracked and tagged as such.

If you can, always volunteer to post a patch and work up a solution. Be prepared to follow up to test the produced patch in your environment and always try to provide a confirmation. Simply complaining about something and letting it sit in the issue tracker for someone else to handle isn’t going to get you much. If you find something that you deem worth someone else’s time to fix for you, be sure to demonstrate the issue is first and foremost worth your own time as well. “It ain’t a problem for me if it ain’t a problem for you”, sort of thing.

When in doubt, please consult the project Apache v2 license:

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

List Etiquette

Unless explicitly asked, please avoid contacting individual project members directly.

CAS Developer List (

Focus: CAS developer discussion and collaboration.

The developer list is used by CAS committers to discuss CAS development. It’s a suitable forum for discussing feature requests, software design, and offering contributions.

List Etiquette

Please do not post support questions to the developer list. Your question will most likely be ignored.

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CAS Announcements List (

Focus: Release announcements.

This is a low-traffic list to receive notifications about CAS releases including security patches.

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CAS Subscribers List (

Focus: Trusted Contacts

This is a low-traffic list to receive security release notifications and details early about CAS releases. This is a private list, reserved for Apereo Foundation members with an active subscription to the CAS project. Membership can be requested on-demand from the CAS PMC, once membership status is confirmed.

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Security Lists

The following mailing lists handle security announcements and vulnerabilities.

CAS Public Security List (

Focus: Security issues, mitigation strategies and announcements

This is a low-traffic list to receive notifications about CAS security issues. Note that posts on this list are public. To report what you consider to be a security vulnerability, use the mailing list. All posts are private and moderated.

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CAS Private Security List (

Focus: Security issues, mitigation strategies and private internal discussions

This is a private closed low-traffic list to discuss CAS security issues amongst trusted members. Note that posts on this list are private. To report what you consider to be a security vulnerability, please use the address All posts are private and moderated.

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Security Vulnerability Response

Once reported via the appropriate channels, please review this guide to learn how CAS responds to security vulnerabilities.


Focus: Project management committee matters, policy decisions

This is a private closed-list open to the CAS PMC members. PMC bylaws are published here.

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CAS Chair (

Focus: Project chairman and vice chairman contact channel

This is a private closed-list reserved for the CAS project chairman and vice chairman, in cotact with the Apereo foundation.

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Foreign Language Lists

The ESUP-Portail project has fostered the growth of several French-language CAS lists.