Account (Profile) Management

Account (Profile) management in CAS allows an authenticated end-user to browse and/or update certain aspects of their account in a mini portal like environment. Typical operations allowed by this portal might include resetting the password or updating security questions, browsing login activity, registered devices for multifactor authentication, etc.

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If you are looking for ways to allow the end-user to sign up, register and create an account, you should be looking at the Account Registration feature instead.

Feature Activation

To activate this feature, the following feature toggle(s) must be turned on:


To learn more about configuration feature toggles, please see this page.

Password Management

To allow the end user to reset their password willingly and/or update their security questions, the password management functionality must be enabled in CAS using the instructions specified here.

Audit Log Activity

The account management dashboard allows one to examine their login activity for the past 60 days by default. This information is fetched for the authenticated user from the CAS audit log, which must be configured to record auditable login activity in a dedicated storage service, such as a relational database, etc.

Multifactor Registered Devices

If multifactor authentication is turned on in CAS, certain multifactor providers may able to present a list of registered MFA devices for the authenticated user. Multifactor providers may also allow the user to register their device with CAS and opt into a registration workflow.

This capability depends on the provider and whether it’s able to support the account profile management feature. The following providers are supported: