Why you should choose CAS as your SSO system

Discover the true reasons to use CAS

Apereo CAS - Integration with Spring Cloud Config Server

CAS distributed configuration management using Spring Cloud Server for fun and profit. Learn how to centralize and setup configuration and property sources as part of the Cloud Config server and how to connect your Apereo CAS deployment to the Cloud Config server to receive real-time configuration updates per environment and deployment tier.

Apereo CAS - Spring Boot Admin Integration

Learn to manage and monitor your Apereo CAS deployment using the Spring Boot Admin server and Spring Boot Actuator endpoints.

Apereo CAS - Fun with HashiCorp Consul

Integrate HashiCorp Consul with CAS for service discovery and distributed configuration management.

Apereo CAS - Multifactor Authentication with RADIUS

Learn how Apereo CAS may be configured to trigger multifactor authentication using a RADIUS server and its support for the Access-Challenge response type.

CAS Vulnerability Disclosure

Disclosure of a security issue with the MFA features.

CAS 6.0.0 RC2 Feature Release

...in which I present an overview of CAS 6.0.0 RC2 release.

Apereo CAS - dotCMS SAML2 Integration

Learn how to integrate dotCMS, a Content Management System and Headless CMS, with Apereo CAS running as a SAML2 identity provider.