Apereo CAS - Python Locust Load Testing

Learn to Performance Test Apereo CAS with Python Locust.

CAS Vulnerability Disclosure

Disclosure of a security issue with the CAS software.

Apereo CAS - Google reCAPTCHA Integration

Learn to set up an integration between Apereo CAS and Google reCAPTCHA.

Apereo CAS - JMeter Performance Testing

Learn to Performance Test Apereo CAS.

Apereo CAS - OAuth JWT Access Tokens

Learn to customize Apereo CAS to issue OAuth Access Tokens as JWTs.

CAS 6.2.x Deployment - WAR Overlays

Learn how to configure and build your own CAS deployment via the WAR overlay method, get rich quickly, stay healthy indefinitely and respect family and friends in a few very easy steps.

Apereo CAS 6.2.x - Building CAS Feature Modules

An overview of how various CAS features modules today can be changed and tested from the perspective of a CAS contributor working on the codebase itself to handle a feature request, bug fix, etc.

Apereo CAS - Service Redirection Strategies

Learn to customize Apereo CAS to modify the default strategy used for redirecting the authentication flow back to relying parties.