uPortal 2016-11-14 Webproxy Portlet caching vulnerability

Webproxy Portlet v2 is bugged; upgrade.

MyUW 2016-10-25 release

A modest MyUW release

CAS Vulnerability Disclosure

Disclosure of a security issue with the CAS administrative endpoints exposure.

Activating MFA in CAS 5

Learn and master custom MFA triggers in CAS 5.

Bootiful CAS 5 Overlay

A quick tutorial on running a CAS Overlay with Spring Boot.

CAS 5.0.0-RC3 Released

...in which I present an overview of CAS 5 RC3 release.

Singing "I Love Bug Reports"

A personal, painfully obvious recipe for handling bug reports in open source.

CAS Git Repository Maintenance

The CAS development team is starting with a bit of git repository housekeeping. Here is how and why.