Veresk Software Architecture

Soapbox alert; I ramble on about software architecture, taking notes from historical monarchs.

Hope for GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages could be a win for Apereo beyond blogging.

MyUW (University of Wisconsin) Build Process

A look into what MyUW does now for builds and what it hopes that the future looks like.

CAS 5.0.0-RC1 Release which I present an overview of CAS 5 RC1 release.

Defining a Product Vision

This is my take on how to evolve a product/project vision, and lessons I have learned.

CAS EOL Policy Proposal

In which I attempt to provide an overview of the new CAS EOL policy.

CAS 5.0.0-M3 Released which I present an overview of CAS 5 M3 release.

CAS Survey Results which I present a summarized view of the latest CAS community survey and discuss results.