Password Policy Enforcement

Password policy enforcement attempts to:

  • Detect a number of scenarios that would otherwise prevent user authentication based on user account status.
  • Warn users whose account status is near a configurable expiration date and redirect the flow to an external identity management system.


The below scenarios are by default considered errors preventing authentication in a generic manner through the normal CAS login flow. LPPE intercepts the authentication flow, detecting the above standard error codes. Error codes are then translated into proper messages in the CAS login flow and would allow the user to take proper action, fully explaining the nature of the problem.


The translation of LDAP errors into CAS workflow is all handled by ldaptive.

Account Expiration Notification

LPPE is also able to warn the user when the account is about to expire. The expiration policy is determined through pre-configured LDAP attributes with default values in place.


A certain number of database authentication schemes have limited support for detecting locked/disabled/etc accounts via column names that are defined in the CAS settings.